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The in-display fingerprint sensor on the new Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus has heavily criticized online with many users feeling that the ultrasonic sensor is not as good as it should be. Samsung has acknowledged the issue and promised to improve performance through future software updates.

The topic has been somewhat polarizing, with some users reporting that the in-display fingerprint sensor has been great.

This is kind of indicative of tribal nature of smartphone fans, however, and I’d always take extreme reports on either side of the debate with a pinch of salt. For the record, our own Simone Scanu, who reviewed the S10 Plus this week, found that the fingerprint sensor didn’t agree with him. Despite trying to reconfigure everything several times, it kept failing to recognize his fingerprint.

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Samsung already released a major software update, which mentioned fingerprint sensor problems, during the review process but, despite this, Simone continued to find it slow and inaccurate. Now, Samsung has addressed the issue directly: “we will continue providing updates to make the scanner work better.”

Samsung also pointed out that users may face issues with the fingerprint reader in dry conditions or if there are cuts or scratches on the finger that is being scanned. The South Korean manufacturer also said that users will find that the accuracy improves after a couple of weeks even if it seems as though the fingerprint sensor has issues out of the box.

The S10 sensor uses a high-frequency ultrasonic sound to effectively create a detailed image of the fingerprint. It is the first flagship smartphone to offer such a sensor. The in-display fingerprint sensors we’ve seen so far on the OnePlus 6T and the Mate 20 Pro are optical or use cameras or light to read the fingerprint.

So it looks as though S10 users that are frustrated with the performance of the in-display fingerprint sensor on their new smartphone will just have to sit tight and wait for Samsung to release further updates. Is that satisfying enough for a product that starts at $900? Let us know what you think.

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